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Organic Honey | Matratva Organic Farms | Pure and Natural

Whenever we talk about honey, old memories about the famous cartoon character Winne The Pooh automatically comes in. Said to be amongst one of most loved cartoon characters, Pooh has been a favourite of all. Well! Similarly honey tends to be a hot favourite amongst most of us. In fact, kids love the fantastic taste of fresh honey. Remember eating a roti roll containing well spread honey inside! Read More

Ganesh Chaturthi- The perfect day to celebrate the goodness of organic foods

Get the authentic taste and blend of home-style created A2 ghee and add just the right flavor to your favorite sweet, this festive season. Enjoy your food fest this festive season with Matratva organic ghee and besan ladoo,  Read More

Ghee - The taste-amplifying secret ingredient of every Indian Kitchen

Ghee is one of the most health benefitting and taste-amplifying secret ingredient of every Indian kitchen. No matter what is getting prepared in the kitchen, the aroma of ghee automatically fills in. It’s really hard to forget those days when the aroma of ghee making used to fill up my senses back home. Read More
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