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Amla Beetroot Mukhwas | Organic Mukhwas | After Meal Digestive | Matratva
₹ 299.00₹ 659.00

Production: Our Mukhwas is made in small batches by using our farm grown Organic amla’s and beetroots. Amla, beetroot along with desi khand, organic fennel, and other ingredients are mixed properly to prepare this mouth freshner.

Taste: This slightly sweet, tangy and chewy Amla Beetroot mixture is a soft and
snackable product. It is just naturally delicious!

Benefits of Amla: Health benefits of Amla include Controlling Sugar Levels in
Body, Enhancing Digestion along with Boosting Immunity & Memory.

Benefits of Beetroot: Health benefits of Beetroot include Controlling Blood pressure, Maintaining Weight & Enhancing Stamina.

Packaging & Consumption: We pack our Amla Beetroot Mukhwas in sealed air tight transparent Punches. It can be consumed in the mornings or after meals as it
helps in digestion by enhancing metabolism. It’s a Vegetarian, handmade and
preservative free product.

Organic Honey Amla Muraba
₹ 550.00

Organic Honey amla muraba is prepared through cold process during winters by soaking the amla's in the Acia Honey. The sweetness in this amla muraba is of honey. No Preservatives or chemicals are added it. Completely healthy, tasty and nutritious. 

₹ 115.00
Matratva Organic Sweet Amla Candy is made from the farm grown organic amla's with desi khand. It is made through cold process and is completely chemical free. Sweet in taste, healthy and help in food digestion.
₹ 285.00

Healthy, tasty Amla candies are prepared by using our farm grown organic amla's and desi khand. It's sweet in taste and is generally consumed after the meals , as amla helps in food digestion

Organic Honey Amla Muraba
₹ 550.00

Matratva amla Muraba is made from our farm grown amla's soaked in honey and prepared through cold processes by keeping the jars under the sun. No chemical, or heat was used while this amla muraba. 

Good for digestion, have a natural sweetness of the honey, this amla muraba is a great immunity booster for all age groups. 

Organic Amlaprash Desi Khand 400gm + Wild Forest Honey 1kg
₹ 1,249.00₹ 1,724.00

Matratva Amlaprash made with organic and handpicked amlas and 44+ more natural ingredients including Matratva A2 ghee.

PRODUCTION: Matratva Wild Forest Honey is collected from the wild forest of India by the native dwellers who are passionate about bees and can meet our high standards for providing pure honey which is free from pollution, pesticides, and other chemicals. Matratva’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Wild Forest Honey is unadulterated. We do not dilute or add anything to our honey.

BENEFITS OF RAW HONEY: Raw honey has been used as a folk remedy throughout history and has a variety of health benefits and medical uses. Raw honey is loaded with antioxidants, living enzymes, vitamins, minerals and is used in medical settings to heal wounds because it is found to be an effective germ killer. Raw Honey is also an old sore throat remedy. Add it to luke warm water with lemon & ginger juice, when cold hits you.

FLAVOUR NOTES: The richly herbaceous, yet mildly earthy aroma carries organic floral sweetness. Our organic raw & unfiltered honey blend is crafted for exceptional taste.

USES: Use Matratva Wild Forest Honey as a natural sweetener, drizzle it on breakfast cereals, on smoothies, on yogurt, and for salad dressings.

PACKAGING & STORAGE: This honey comes in a 500 gm/1 kg Glass Jar which can keep the content fresh for a very long time. Due to cold weather in some regions natural honey will crystallize which is actually a normal process (this happens because of the glucose & fructose present in the honey), just place the jar in warm water or under the sun and make it liquid again.

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