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Chana Jor Garam | Organic Namkeen | No Preservatives | Matratva
1kg 500g 250g
    ₹ 599.00₹ 1,000.00
    1kg 500g 250g

      PREPARATION: Freshly prepared Chana Jor Garam is fried in “Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil” which keeps the snack tasty and healthy for consumption. We also use sea salt which is hand pounded in all our snacks, as it is high in minerals and helps in absorbing potassium from other food.

      PACKAGING: Packed in Semi Biodegradable, food grade approved, Zip Lock pouches, so that they can stay fresh and tasty for longer duration. All our snacks are packed in strict hygienic conditions to ensure that they are free of any contamination. No preservatives are added while preparing and packing the product.

      ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Prepared with Organic Chichpea which are roasted and flattened along with other Organic Spices. No colour, no soda or preservatives added. All our products are made from Organic Ingredients without compromising the taste that we love.

      TASTE: Spicy Taste. Eat it directly from the pack or add a little lemon juice to enhance taste. TEXTURE: Flat Pressed Chana Jor Garam. Really Crunchy and crispy while eating.

      SHELF LIFE: Best before 4 months from manufacturing. Store in cool and dry place & do not refrigerate.

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