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Matratva Organic Dhaga Mishri – 500 gm | Thread Mishri | Unrefined Sugar Crystal | Mishri Crystal | Pure Mishri Sugar Candy | Rock Sugar Crystal | Dhage Wali Mishri | Khadi Mishri | No Added Colour, Sugar or Preservatives
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PREPARATION: Matratva follows the traditional and simple method of crystallization in making these sweet & unrefined sugar crystals. First, good quality sugarcanes are handpicked and their juice is extracted by crushing them. Further, the extracted juice naturally rich in sucrose is heated to a certain temperature and then poured on threads hanging in drums where they are allowed to dry and cool down for some time. Finally, as the concentrated sugar solution cools down around the thread hanging in drums, they form sugar crystals known as Dhaga Mishri or Dhage wali Mishri.

MISHRI Vs SUGAR: A major difference can be noticed in the taste of Mishri compared to refined or ordinary sugar. Mishri, being unrefined has a more natural, balanced & satisfying taste when compared to sugar. Another difference is that unlike sugar, pure Mishri is not chemically processed and this can be seen from its light yellow or grey colour. It has an almost neutral pH value. On the other hand, sugar can become unhealthy for us due to the further processing and bleaching of raw sugar with sulphuric acid. This is done to get those perfect white crystals which are appealing to our eyes but are almost poisonous.

BENEFITS OF MISHRI: The traditional method of making Mishri gives it its medicinal value. According to Ayurveda these tiny sugar crystals come with a host of health benefits.

COUGH & COLD: A cough, cold and sore throat are common problems, especially in winter. Rock sugar might help in easing these conditions. Take half teaspoon of Mishri and Black Pepper, crush it into a powder and consume it at night to heal a sore throat. A powder of Mishri and Black Pepper with lukewarm water might also help in alleviating cough and also sweep out excess mucus.

NATURAL COOLANT: Being a natural coolant, it can be used to bring the body temperature down during fever. It also decreases burning sensation which might help in balancing the acid levels of stomach.

ENERGY BOOSTER: Mishri may act as an instant source of energy that can refresh your dull mood and boosts your energy. It may have a calming effect on the mind and body by alleviating stress.

FOOD APPLICATIONS: Mishri can become your preferred choice of sugar as it is healthy and unrefined when compared to normal table sugar. It has a unique taste that goes well with all the traditional sweets, even chocolates and other confectionaries.

MOUTH FRESHNER: Rock Sugar is one of the common ingredients we munch on after a scrumptious meal along with fennel to promote digestion. It also serves as an amazing mouth freshener.

Matratva Jaggery | 100% Organic | Matratva
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Jaggery is a type of unrefined sugar made from sugar cane. Matratva Jaggery is made by using traditional methods of pressing and distilling cane juice, The color can range from light golden to dark brown. Jaggery contains more nutrients than refined sugar because of its molasses content. Molasses is a nutritious by-product of the sugar making process, which is usually removed when refined sugar is made. Including molasses adds a small amount of micronutrients to the final product.

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