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  • Unknown Type


₹ 175.00
  • Consistent and Superior Quality | No Chemicals or Additives used
  • Low moisture | Fixed carbon content | Less ash content | Highly combustible
  • Produces fumes less raw and Natural.
  • Pure wood charcoal
  • Quantity: 1kg
₹ 100.00
Cow dung cakes have been used in traditional Indian households for yagnas, ceremonies, rituals, etc. It is used to purify air as it is said to release oxygen when burnt with ghee. Dung cakes, made from the by-products of animal husbandry, are traditionally used as fuel in India for making food in a domestic hearth called a Chulha. They are made by hand by village women, near thanjavur and are traditionally made from cow dung. One dung cake of an average size gives 2100 kJ worth of energy. Dung cakes are also known as uple, kande, gosse or thepdi. These are the cakes of cow dung molded by bare hands with a curvature to be able to keep stuck to the walls. Once dried they are put in a pile and covered with thatch called bitauda. Cow Dung Cake is mix of cow dung with hay ,flattened out and dried for use
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