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₹ 212.00

Matratva Organic

  • Pumpkin seeds 150 gm
  • 100% Organic Super Food 
₹ 52.00
Nigella seeds / Kalonji Seeds are tiny in size, but acquire various properties, which can help you in several ways. It is used in many ways, since ancient times. These can be used in culinary as a spice. It will sharpen the taste of your food, making it flavorful. 
₹ 65.00

Matratva  Organic Ajwain is sourced from organic farmers. Organic Ajwain is a spice that helps in digestion, skincare, hair growth, and many more benefits.

₹ 95.00

Sunflower seeds are the fruit of sunflower plant. Sunflower seeds are rich in oleic and linoleic acid and low in saturated fats and sodium. They also contain magnesium, potassium and fiber. Regular consumption of these seeds in your diet is good for your health.

₹ 190.00
Matratva Organic Chia Seeds are sourced from Organic farmers. Being a rich source of dietary fiber, these seeds expand when soaked in water, thus filling up your bellies for a longer duration. Known to contain relatively higher amounts of calcium compared to other seeds, these seeds contain approximately 583 mg of calcium in 100 g of serving. Can be used during breakfast or as an healthy desert after your meals.
₹ 65.00

Matratva Organic

  • Flax seeds 250 gm 
  • 100% Organic Super Food 
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